About Yoga

Yoga can be a key element to finding balance in your life. In recognizing the body / mind / spirit connection, Yoga opens practitioner’s bodies with centuries old postures (Asanas), utilizes breath (Pranayama) as a life providing source, and creates the space for the liberation of the mind and spirit.

I practice and teach a variety of Yoga styles, all cultivating a unique connection to the Divine, the Self, Other Humans and the Planet. It is my complete joy and satisfaction to see the positive effects Yoga has on the students. I like my classes to be an experience where the individual connects with the innerself trough breath and movement rather than just exercises. The class environment is safe, open-minded and free from judgements of any kind.

In addition I offer Traditional Thai Massage sessions wich are slow deep streches. The receiver is placed in Yoga poses and without so much efforts he or she receives the benefits of the pose.

Please join me for a class at  Kupuri Yoga studio, a yoga retreat, a Thai massage session  or consider a series of private Yoga lessons and treat yourself to the gift of Yoga…Please use the e-mail form on the “Contact Us” page to inquire!


María Abad

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